Support circular fashion – buy a recycled woolen sweater!

17 juni 2015

Gepubliceerd door: Ellen Mensink

Big sustainable ambitions start with the support of the closest network!

Recycle Lab Circular Fashion wants to raise money to close the fashion loop, starting with wool. We would like the community of recycle fashion believers to support and co-create with us.


The Netherlands has a huge waste mountain of 176 kton of post consumer textile. A quarter of this can be used for high value recycling into new fashion and interior items. Textile recycling of 1 kg of sweaters will save 100-1000 l. of water, 3-5 kg of CO2 emissions and 30-60 Mj of energy.


Our goal is to develop different kinds of woolen yarns and create various fashion and interior items to show the potential of the post consumer textile recycling. We want to work with and inspire brands and designers to use recycled wool and to convince consumers to buy it.


We need financial support and partners | brands who will co-create with us. Therefore we will launch a crowdfunding campaign in the next phase. To start shaping the crowdfunding campaign we are conducting a preliminary research. You could help us in this phase by answering the questions underneath to fine-tune our future crowdfunding campaign.

We need your support, please fill in our crowdfunding questionnaire below!

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